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The PUMA collection of women's fitness clothing, shoes and items stands out for its practicality and comfort, but above all for the modernity of the lines and the unmistakable style that makes these garments perfect for both the gym and leisure time. This mixture of sport and everyday life is also referred to as athleisure which is a combination of the English words athletic and leisure wear. A new concept of urban style in which comfort and style, performance and fashion meet and merge, breaking any fashion rule. Here, women's gym wear is combined with mini dresses and blazers, and sports equipment once used exclusively during training becomes trendy accessories in sporty chic outfits. PUMA offers a mix and match, made up of practical and functional women's training garments, like women´s gym tops or gym leggings, embellished with tech fabrics, sophisticated cuts and sporty design, perfect to accompany the modern and active women with great style at any time of the day. Women's gym wear and training gear that really cater to every age group, because sport and style know no age. Which combinations do you prefer?
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101 Products
4KEEPS SHAPELUXE BRA 4099685512256 2689.0
EGP 2,689.00
SHAPELUXE Seamless Women's Tights 4099686729929 3219.0
SHAPELUXE Seamless Women's Tights 4099686925468 3219.0
SHAPELUXE High-Waisted Women's Biker Shorts 4099685677986 2689.0
MOVE SHAPELUXE SEAMLESS BRA 4099685429714 2419.0
MOVE SHAPELUXE SEAMLESS BRA 4099686987053 2419.0
PUMA x lemlem Women's High-Waisted Training Tights 4099685639038 5909.0
Deviate NITRO™ 2 Women's Running Shoes 4099684172710 9129.0
PWR XX NITRO™ Training Shoes Women 4065449920629 3219.0