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Have you ever wondered why the t-shirt has this name? Most likely because this crew neck shirt with short sleeves and straight bust resembles the shape of a "T". The term is actually quite young, it appears only in 1920 and has almost completely supplanted the term “shirt”. The t-shirt is perhaps the most worn garment by men, women, young and old alike and PUMA has treasured it making it one of the brand's most iconic clothing items. Whether tank top, short or long sleeved, PUMA men's t-shirts feature historical logos from the sporting landscape, such as men's sports t-shirts with Ferrari or BMW logos, fun and colorful prints and clean and very contemporary lines that make them perfect for both sport and leisure. Within the collection you can find many men's sports tops that faithfully reproduce those of the strongest football teams in the world. And if you are looking for running tops, check out our selection of running tops.
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239 Products
Puma Fit Ultrabreathe Tee 4099683622698 2019.0
Scuderia Ferrari 2023 Team Replica Shirt 4065454085214 3499.0
Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport Formula One MT7 Tee Men 4064537618974 1049.0
Run Favourite Printed Running Tee Men 4065453565311 1229.0
Favourite Short Sleeve Men's Running Tee 4064537868133 729.0
Essentials+ Block Men's Tee 4064535399110 979.0
Favorite Men's Running Singlet 4063697424012 509.0
EGP 509.00
EGP 769.00
Run Favourite Printed Running Tee Men 4065453565373 1229.0
Scuderia Ferrari Road Trip Tee Men 4065453292699 2279.0
Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport F1 Essentials Logo Tee Men 4064537952948 1049.0