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Luxe Sport is PUMA’s latest bold entry into the world of haute couture. Ever since PUMA disrupted the industry with its Jil Sander collaboration in 1998, PUMA has continued its reputation as the bridge between sports, fashion, and lifestyle. Honouring its tradition of elevating the game with high fashion partnerships including the houses of Fenty and Alexander Mcqueen, PUMA is now turning to… its own finest talents. The German brand’s in-house designers have teamed up to create Luxe Sport, a collection meant to redefine, once more, the codes of haute couture, at the fringe of conventional style. The collection’s foundation is the iconic T7 tracksuit, an outfit that has drawn a worldwide clientele for decades, always available in classic block colours. The suit has been re-interpreted with sharper silhouettes, exaggerated shapes, and monogram patterns, transforming the trademark big cat into a bold logo play.

Luxe Sport includes limited-edition creepers, and a thigh-high boot hybrid to a luxe ball gown with advanced quilting, beadwork, and a futuristic color palette, all elements that add to this series of designs aimed at the underdogs who shake up the world of fashion, art, sport, and creativity. Always wanting to shake the world’s ideas of style and function with original new designs, PUMA creates that special space for divas, sports icons and fashionistas, to express themselves fully. Explore the collection and choose your new favourite pieces. Make a statement every day with Luxe Sport.

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Luxe Sport Velophasis Sneakers 4065452528768 4889.0
Luxe Sport Velophasis Sneakers 4065452437909 4889.0
Velophasis Technisch Sneakers 4065452761615 4559.0
LUXE SPORT Gilet 4065453586156 2929.0
EGP 2,929.00
LUXE SPORT Boxy Waist Bag 4065452956080 3909.0
LUXE SPORT T7 Knitted Top Women 4065453585883 2609.0
LUXE SPORT T7 Knitted Top Women 4065453585821 2609.0
LUXE SPORT T7 Robe Coat Women 4065453585609 7339.0
LUXE SPORT T7 Printed Track Pants Men 4065453586484 3909.0