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Step into the iconic world of Terrace culture. Whether you call them terrace sneakers or terrace trainers, these footwear styles pay homage to the fashion scene in '70s and '80s football stadiums. Immerse yourself in the nostalgia of these archival treasures, reissued at last with timeless designs, contemporary colour palettes and enhanced by new material evolutions. Join us in celebrating the highly sought-after PUMA ColibriPUMA DelphinPUMA Super Team styles, meticulously crafted to capture the hearts of a new generation of terrace enthusiasts. Embrace the spirit of PUMA Terrace and indulge in the epitome of retro style, with iconic sneakers that have stood the test of time.

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Delphin Sneakers 4065452610951 4829.0
EGP 4,829.00
Delphin Sneakers 4065452617264 4829.0
EGP 4,829.00
Suede Classic XXI Trainers 4063697703278 4829.0
Suede VTG Trainers 4063697652057 2949.0
EGP 2,949.00
EGP 5,369.00
Suede VTG Trainers 4063697637344 5369.0
EGP 5,369.00
Suede Classic XXI Trainers 4063697708563 4829.0
Basket Classic XXI Trainers 4063697671843 4299.0